A Wish is a Feeble Prayer

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Believe in Prayer . . .

So why don't I pray more?

The reasons are myriad and none of them acceptable.

1. I'm too busy to stop to take the time.
2. I think I can handle this one on my own.
3. I forget to pray.
4. It will work out okay without prayer.
5. And so on.

Let me start with the first one. Martin Luther said he was too busy not to pray. That pretty much says it. We are missing out on intimacy with God and divine intervention in our needy lives when we do not take time to pray.

Secondly, perhaps I can handle this one on my own. But why would I want to handle it that way when I have limited wisdom and imperfect understanding? Why wouldn't I want my Heavenly Father's involvement in whatever concerns me?

Forget to pray? I don't forget to eat, I don't forget to get dressed or brush my teeth. How dare I forget to pray!

Who wants life to just work out okay? I want victorious life!


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